Frequently Asked Dental Questions – Shelburne, VT

Dr. Maier Provides the Answers You Need

Do you have questions about dentistry? Are you curious about various procedures? Dr. Maier and our team want to help provide clarity and transparency when it comes to dental care, which is why you will find a list of frequently asked dental questions on the page below. Here, she shares the answers to help you become more familiar with various aspects of dentistry.

How often do I need to see my dentist?

It is recommended that you visit your dentist regularly, every six months, for dental checkups and teeth cleanings. Twice-yearly dental appointments will help to keep your oral health in check, ensuring no signs of tooth decay, cavities, gum disease, oral cancer, or damage are present. By allowing your dental team to thoroughly evaluate and clean your smile, you maintain a proactive approach to oral healthcare, which is essential for better total-body wellness.

Will you see my child?

Yes, we are more than happy to treat children of all ages. No matter if they are toddlers, children, or teenagers, we can help boost oral hygiene habits, monitor tooth and bone development, and equip them with helpful tips and techniques to carry on into adulthood. Our team at Shelburne Village Dentistry enjoys seeing young, smiling faces, so feel free to bring the entire family for a visit.

What if I experience dental anxiety? How can you help?

Dental anxiety is a common problem among patients, but our team is equipped to minimize these fears with the help of comfortable amenities. Whether it is a neck wrap or gentle, pressure-point massage, we can deliver methods that help to calm nerves, clear minds, and improve experiences. If you’re concerned about your upcoming visit, or you have a nervous child, call us and talk to a member of our team who can help.

Why are amalgam-free dental restorations better?

Traditional amalgam was once the only way to treat cavities and severe tooth decay or damage. Although they are highly durable and can last years or even decades, they are unsightly to look at and can be harmful to your overall health. Fortunately, amalgam-free dental restorations allow for improved aesthetics because they blend in with your existing smile, and they are biocompatible, which means they are healthier on your mouth and body, and ideal options for individuals with metal allergies.

Will you accept my dental insurance?

Yes, we are pleased to welcome your dental insurance. While we are in-network with Delta Dental, we will be happy to file any claims on your behalf, helping you to get the maximum reimbursement from your insurance company. If you have questions about your policy, you’re more than welcome to call our dental office.

If I’m uninsured, how can I keep my dental care affordable?

Uninsured individuals can inquire about enrolling in an available CareCredit financing plan. By paying out the cost of your dental care over several months, you can avoid high upfront costs and remain well within your budget. This reality can often take the pressure off dental care, allowing you to focus on your upcoming treatment.